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The goPUFFyourself mentality

Welcome! My name is Dan Stephen and I am the founder of goPUFFyourself.
A little bit about myself - I have a passion for aromas and tastes and a deep appreciation for natural, rich, earthiness.  I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years with no plans of ever reverting.  My beloved grandmother passed away with emphysema 
complications brought about by smoking.  I will not stop promoting vaping so that emphysema and other smoking related illnesses go extinct.  I also believe that the wonders of the universe and the secret to happiness are seen in the eyes of a dog.

goPUFFyourself Fundamentals

The idea of goPUFFyourself was born from three basics fundamentals:

  • Harnessing the pure essence of hookah shisha, coupled with advanced technology to provide instant portability
  • Adherence to our moral beliefs in clean, untarnished flavors
  • Providing an alternative to the egregious stranglehold of the tobacco industry

Rooted in Hookah

The first time I tried hookah, I fell in love. The concept of it captivated me: the immediate beauty, the intricacies of design, the craftsmanship, the smells, the flavors, the relaxation, and the philosophy that accompanied the overall experience. I began mastering the process, finding the best designs, the cleanest flavors and the most natural, efficient coals. Hookah always seemed to be more of an event, or commitment, rather than a smoke. That being said, the idea of heating, not burning, tobacco was always the crucial difference to me.

While I respect and enjoy the tradition of hookah, I've always wondered how best to make the experience more convenient. It's not always feasible to lug around a duffelbag with your favorite three foot hookah, box of natural coals, a stove, and bottles of ice water. Vaping can provide it's own uniquely portable experience, without any combustion!

Back to Basics

We at goPUFFyourself are kind of persnickety when it comes to vaping. We are like that about everything, so it naturally fit right in.
We abstain from hydrogenated oils and high-fructose corn syrup; we limit sugars and gluten when possible, and are
 abolitionists against the use of artificial sweeteners.  We support organic farming, filter chlorine from drinking water and showers, and bathe without animal tested dyes and fragrances.  We use glass instead of plastic, avoid Teflon and aluminium, brew coffee the old-fashioned, pour-over way with paper or cotton into a glass pitcher, and we vape only the finest e-liquids.

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